Trigger finger

Trigger finger is also called as “Stenosing Tenosynovitis”. In this condition the patient feels a locking commonly in the thumb and index finger, though this condition could affect all other fingers. This causes pain, numbness and stiffness in the fingers, limiting its ability to work its full potential.
The recovery after the surgery could take up to 1 months that depends upon the number of fingers affected and the extent of the condition.


The symptoms of the Trigger Finger when ignored could elevate the condition. Though many of the symptoms could be shared by many other medical conditions, the common symptoms are:

  • Popping or locking sound when bending the fingers
  • Pain on bending fingers
  • Stiffness in the fingers
  • Sore finger
  • Numbness


The various conditions of the hand muscles, bones and tissues could cause hand pain. Other risks factors associated with trigger finger include:

  • Getting to certain age like 40+
  • Conditions like Arthritis, TB or diabetes
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Repetitive activities that strain fingers
  • An ignored injury


  • Diagnosis

    An X-ray could also be recommended to rule out factures or bone injuries.
    Other tests like blood test or MRI’s could also be conducted to find-out other conditions that could be causing the pain.

Treatment and Recovery

    • The common remedies that could ease the hand pain are

      • Simple hand exercises like stretches
      • Resting the fingers i.e. not doing the repetitive activities that have caused or elevated the pain.
      • Massaging the area
      • Putting heat pads to relieve pain
      • Inflammation and pain relief medication

A Trigger Finger pain, which is not healing even after non-surgical remedies, could be treated by surgery as per the doctor’s suggestion after the diagnosis.

A surgery to relive the hand pain is necessary only if conservative treatment is not working. The surgery would involve making a nick at the point of tenosynovitis and removal of tissues causing tenosynovitis.

A slight swelling and pain is expected to be experienced after the surgery.

The recovery after the surgery could take up to 2 months that depends upon the number of fingers affected and the extent of the condition.

Physiotherapy and medication is advised after the surgery. This allows the hands muscle to strengthen and prevent stiffness and gain back the lost motion.

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