Meniscal Repair

What is Meniscus?

 The meniscus are soft tissues cartilage placed inside the knee. It is present between the upper part of the knee called femur and the lower part of the knee called tibia. It is responsible for Load and shock handling on the knee area. It balances between the front and back of the knee thus, stabilizing it. It is also responsible for the lubrication and nutrition of the articular cartilage.

Every knee joint contains two menisci. The meniscus tear is one of the most common form of knee Injury.

What is Meniscal Repair?

It is an operating method to repair the torn meniscus. The torn Meniscal could be repaired by Repair or removal of the torn tissues. The removal is done only when the torn Meniscus is beyond repair.

How does the Meniscus Damage?

 The Meniscus could get damaged by any activity that has put access pressure or forceful twist on the knee joint. This could happen in accidents or when playing sports or in any person with active lifestyle that has knee injury exposure.

What are the Symptoms of the Meniscal Tear?

 The most prominent symptoms that show the meniscus damage are:

  • Excess pain and Swelling
  • Inability to straighten or fully bend the leg
  • Unable to twist the knee
  • Stiffness in the leg
  • Knee Locking

How is Meniscal Tear Diagnosed?

 Following a physical examination, An MRI is necessary to diagnose the Meniscal damage. It helps to find out the damage to overall inner structure of the knee, including the cartilage and other tissues and muscles in the knee joint.

A Knee Arthroscopy might be needed to know the extent of the Meniscal Tear extent.

Can a Meniscal Injury heal on it own?

 The Meniscal Tear could be of different types. A very outer injury or minimal torn could heal itself over a period of time that too with proper care, medication and exercise. A neglecting attitude towards the minor injury however could worsen the situation leading to more damage to the knee.

If you have severe symptoms of the Meniscal injury then the probability of self-healing is close to Nil.
A deeper injury that is if the injury has gone beyond the one third part of the outer layer, a surgery is the only cure.

How long is Meniscal Repair Recovery?

The recovery time of the Meniscal recovery depends totally open the patient, other related injuries and the regularity of the follow-up therapy.

In some cases, the patient can move around in 2 weeks and in some, it may take months for total recovery.

A minor pain on knee movement is obvious. Doctors may advise use of crutches to avoid the pain and access weight on the knee. Resting the knee is advised to allow the meniscus to repair.A stern schedule of the advised therapy plays an important role in fast recovery.

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