Scaphoid is a slightly curved bone located at the wrist on the thumb side. It provides structure to the wrist and is also responsible for the wrist movement. It also serves as a link between the carpal bones.

Scaphoid Conditions

  • Factures: The Scaphoid could be hurt easily and must be treated immediately. This is very common in young males.
  • Preiser’s Disease: A condition in which the blood supply around the Scaphoid bone are damaged. This is a rare disease affecting the Scaphoid.

Scaphoid Facture Symptoms

The most common causes associated with Scaphoid include fall over the stretched wrist. The fall disrupts the blood supply that is providing nutrition to the other cells. If not treated on time, this may cause prolonged healing time, motion restriction and pain.

Scaphoid Facture Causes

The various conditions of the hand muscles, bones and tissues could cause hand pain. Other risks factors associated with trigger finger include:

  • Getting to certain age like 40+
  • Conditions like Arthritis, TB or diabetes
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Repetitive activities that strain fingers
  • An ignored injury

Diagnosis of Scaphoid Facture

An X-ray followed by general physical examination is the most common form of diagnosis. The X-ray reveals the extent and exact location of facture.

CT scan also helps in determine the exact location and extent of fracture .

It could also help in identifying other factures around the injury.

Other tests are most unlikely though could be suggested as per patients’ medical records and other injuries.

Treatment of Scaphoid Facture

The treatment could be either surgical or through applying a cast over the injury. The treatment chosen depends upon the injury condition and is best to be advised after the diagnosis by an experience doctor.
A cast is applied when the injury is not severe. The cast is put over the injury covering it to immobilize the wrist. This gives the injury an opportunity to heal. Other medications (like pain relief) could be suggested.
Intermediate X-Rays are to be taken to check the progress and only when the injury is healed completely, the cast is removed.

A severe Scaphoid Facture that has dislocated the bone or damaged it needs surgical treatment.
In case of a dislocation, the bone is relocated at its place using screws. Casts are still applied to immobilize the wrist to avoid pain and further complications. Some pain and swelling is expected after surgery.

Recovery after treatment

The full recovery after the surgery could take up to 12 months that depends upon the severity of the facture. For non-surgical treatment the recovery time depends upon patient to patient and the severity of the condition.

A wrist splint or strap is to be worn for support. The splints help restrict the wrist movement and thus allow fast healing. Splints also helps in prevention of further injuries.

Advanced therapy is needed for a faster recovery. A guided physiotherapy helps reduce the stiffness and gain back the motion. It also helps relieve the pain in day today activities.

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