Lower Limb Realignment

Some people have deformed lower limbs that look like“Bow”. This deformity could be by birth (congenial) or acquired over time. Such deformities accelerate the rate of wear and tear tothe lower limb.

The condition can be treated by realigning the lower limb by surgery. The surgery allows the patient to maintain a more dynamicroutine.

What is the Cause Lower Limb deformity?

  • There are many types of Lower Limb deformities. There could be numerous causeswhich could have caused them which may include

    • Congenital or by birth
    • Diseases like Rickets
    • A Dwarfism growth condition
    • Renal failure
    • Infections
    • Other metabolic disorders

What are the Symptoms of Lower Limb deformity?

  • Bow shaped Legs
  • Difficulty in adopting active lifestyle
  • Inability to maintain balance

How is Lower Limb deformityDiagnosed?

Starting from examining the birth records the followed diagnosis includes

  • Initial Physical examination
  • X rays of the limbs
  • Prenatal Ultrasound to find out Congenital lower limb deformities

How is Lower Limb deformity Treated?

The Lower Limbdeformities could be treated by surgery or by conservative methodologies.
Conservative methodologies include

  • Putting casts

This helps put the bone right alignment while doing activities.

  • Physiotherapy

Includes exercises and stretches that help in correction of slight deformities.
Realignment Surgical methods

  • Bone procedures
  • Tissue procedures

In some cases, both the procedures are necessarily followed by conservative methodologies. A guided physiotherapyfor a long period of time is anyways always needed for recovery.

How long is the Recovery after limb deformity correction ?

The recovery period greatly depends upon the age, stage and type of the deformity.

A regular medication, nutrition and follow-ups are non-avoidable parts of the recovery period.A guided physiotherapy for a long period of time is always needed for recovery even after surgery.

Limb deformities are an intricate matter and the treatment is better to be talked in the early phase of the child showing slightsymptoms. For more complex deformities, the complications of the deformity remain high. However,technologies advancements lessen the complications. Still deformity correction surgery continues to carry substantial risk and should be take onby in the appropriate clinical setting by experienced doctors.

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