Tennis Elbow

The Tennis elbow is an elbow injury. It is also known as lateral epicondylitis. In this condition, the outer elbow area becomes painful. A normal hand movement becomes restricted and sometimes even a wrist movement causes pain.

Cause of Tennis Elbow

The injury is most commonly found in people playing active sports using racquets which puts tremendous pressure on the back of the elbow. The extensive use of the muscles of the back of the elbow. The elbow muscles thus start giving up causing pain and weakness.

Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

The common symptoms of Tennis Elbow:

  • Pain at the back of the elbow
  • Tenderness in the outer elbow area
  • Weekness in the elbow
  • Pain on extended wrist movements like washing dishes, drying clothes on rack.

Tennis Elbow Diagnosis

A detailed physical examination of the elbow and then moving different parts of the hand causing the pain. The Physical examination is followed by:

  • X-Rays are to be performed to rule out the chances of factures or arthritis conditions that could also be causing the pain
  • MRI – if required to find out other underlying issues in the elbow like swelling

Tennis Elbow Prevention

  • Avoiding the play or at least lessen the frequency in case the pain has started to appear.
  • Maintaining over all fitness and strength of the overall arm
  • Using the right equipment to play

Tennis Elbow treatment

In the initial symptoms it is suggested to just rest the arm and let the injury heal.

The treatment involves:

  • Physical therapy: An experienced physiotherapist with appropriate devices for stretching and weights is necessary for the healing. Physiotherapy is an unavoidable treatment.
  • Medication: It is necessary along with other treatment. Pain killers could be recommended to get relief from pain. Few injections could also be effective for a short term.
  • Orthotic devices: These are support straps that help improve the functioning of the parts and reduce pain. Using these equipment’s restrict the limb movement in certain directions thus allowing it to heal.
  • Surgery: A rare option, performed in special cases in which repairing of the muscles are done if needed.

Tennis Elbow Recovery

The full recovery could take a maximum of 24 months. This totally depends up-on how early the condition is identified and treated. Resting is the key to recovery here.

Elbow straps are tied to restrict certain movements. Proper medication and regular follow-ups should not be avoided.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in such conditions. It consists of various weight and stretching exercises. It helps in relieving pain and gaining motion back by strengthening.  

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