The ACL injury

The ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) is one of the four main ligaments in the knee that connect the upper part of the knee called “femur” to the lower part of the knee called “tibia”. This Ligament is a stretchable tissue that is responsible for providing strength to the knee while it is doing its daily work.

The ACL injury is actually an internal injury to the knee, caused by the tear of the interior knee joint tissue or ligament.

What are the causes of an ACL Injury?

The ACL is injured very easily.  The ACL injury is commonly known as the Ligament Tear and it can occur while playing sports or due to sudden fall.

The ACL injury is generally seen in the people with hyper active lifestyle like playing sports which mainly involves movement of limbs in any direction with great force, thus putting tremendous pressure on the joint ligaments.

What are the Symptoms of an ACL Injury?

Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • Immense pain in the knee joint
  • Inability to carry weight on knee
  • Swelling of the knee
  • Tenderness around the injury area
  • Total lock down of knee in some cases

How is ACL Diagnosed?

  • Initial Physical examination
  • X rays – to rule out factures
  • MRI scan
  • Ultrasound

 Since the ACL is an internal injury to the ligaments, the severity and extent of it could only be known after the full diagnosis. Only after seeing the detailed diagnosis reports, the doctors could advise further medical action to the patient.

Can an ACL injury self-Heal?

In some cases yes, but the process is very long.

More importantly, the ACL is actually responsible for stabilizing the knee and even a slightest injury to already hurt tissues could extend the amount of tear and thus the movement of the knee.

Physiotherapy could be advised to help ease the pain. Knee caps/belts or knee braces are also provide support the knee along with medication.

Till that time the patient is advised to rest totally to avoid any pressure or weight on the healing knee tissues. The patient also is advised for regular knee muscle strengthening exercises for a very long time.

When is the surgery needed?

An ACL surgery or the ligament repair/replacement is needed when the ligament tissue is stretched far beyond repair, thus unable to take up any pressure or weight from the body i.e instability of knee. Secondly, when the ligament is totally destroyed or torn within the knee and thus cannot provide any strength to the knee.

In this case, a knee re-construction surgery will be needed to reconstruct the torn ligaments using tissues called “tendon” from other parts of the body, to restore the normal functioning of the knee joint.

The success rate of the ACL surgery is very high and thus is very common among patients. The Upper Limb Clinic is dedicated clinic for all diseases Knee, Hand, Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist. Contact us today  for ACL Tear to get better and accurate treatment.

ACL Reconstruction

What is an ACL Injury?

ACL is a very common injury especially among athletes caused by the tear of the ACL ligament. The ACL is a ligament present inside the knee.

The ACL ligament is a stretchable tissue that is responsible for providing strength to the knee while the knee is undertaking its daily work.


What is ACL Reconstruction?

The ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction is a surgical tissue graft replacement surgery of the ACL ligament. It is done by removing the ligament and then replacing it by the hamstring tissues using tissues from another knee or donor. The surgery is performed on the torn ACL tissue located inside the knee area, to reinstate its role after an injury.


When is ACL Reconstruction done?

All the ACL injuries cannot be repaired. The ACL reconstruction is done when the ACL tissues are damaged beyond repair. In this case the ligament tissue is removed completely and is replaced by reconstructing it from the tissues taken from another knee or from the donor tissues.


How is ACL Reconstruction surgery done?

An ACL tissue that is beyond repair needs an ACL reconstruction. In this procedure the tissue, also called hamstring tendon, is taken up from the patient’s body (or donor) and is reconstructed into a ligament. This reconstructed ligament is then fixed into the knee are using the screw or button technique.

Recovery after ACL Reconstruction

The recovery period for the knee ACL Reconstruction surgery could be from 2-3 weeks to few months. After a while the patient can take help to stand and walk, for example use crutches for support.

The common recovery tips are:

  • Complete rest for initial 2 weeks
  • Regular medication and physiotherapy
  • Regular follow – ups and routine checks of the recovery progress
  • Avoid pressure or load on the injured knee in the healing period
  • Eat a nutritious diet and sleep well

The total recovery period after the surgery depends upon the kind of injury significantly. Activities like climbing stairs or even walking or standing should be totally avoidedat first. For playing specific sports, the total recovery could take up to 6-9 months.

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