Knee Arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is a Key hole surgical method used to first find out and then operate the knee joint for the knee problems using the Arthroscope. The Arthroscope is a very small camera that is inserted into the knee joint via small cut, using which the surgeon can look at on the attached monitor and if possible, can cure the injury.

When is Knee Arthroscopy done?

The knee arthroscopy is advised when a person comes with severe pain or discomfort in the knee and when other diagnosis methods are not able to completely reveal the extent of the injury.Using the knee arthroscopy technique, the following knee conditions could be diagnosed:

  • The ligament tears i.e. ACL, PCL, Multiligament injuries
  • The dislocated knee cap i.e. misaligned patella
  • Factures in the knee
  • Internal knee swelling due to various reasons

Why choose the Knee Arthroscopy


  • A reduced amount of number of stitches and thus faster healing
  • Faster recovery and thus less time in hospital
  • Lesser pain
  • Minimal probability of complications
  • Smaller cuts and thus minor risk of infections

How to Prepare for the Knee Arthroscopy surgery?

The general preparation is common for all conditions and is to be guided by the doctor. The patient must communicate openly about all the past and current medications he/she is going through. The doctor can then plan out the day of operation and change in medication if required.

Common recommendation about intake of food is communicated by the doctor in advance.


Recovery after Knee Arthroscopy Injury

The recovery period for the knee arthroscope surgery is comparatively shorter than open surgeries. After a while the patient can take help to stand and walk, for example use crutches for support.

The common recovery recommendations are:

  • Complete rest
  • Applying ice packs to reduce swelling or pain
  • Keeping the leg raised after the procedure
  • Follow firm routine of medication prescribed and dressing
  • Guided exercises and stretches

Though, the total recovery period after the surgery depends upon the kind of injury. Activities like climbing stairs or even walking or standing should be totally avoided. 

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