Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain is one of the most common type of pain in society and it is not only restricted to older people. Many youngsters are also suffering from shoulder pain due to injury caused by sports or accident. Timely diagnosis and advanced treatment is very helpful to avoid complications. There are many myths about shoulder pain which can deter people from seeking effective treatment hence it is necessary to understand the facts about shoulder pain.

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Shoulder Pain Becomes Worse During Rainy Season

 FACT: This is a very common myth in the society. We hear from many people that shoulder pain, arthritis or other joint pain worsen when it rains. But this is not true. There is no proven correlation between rain or humidity and shoulder pain.

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Shoulder Weakness Does Not Necessarily Mean a Tear of the Rotator Cuff

FACT: The rotating shoulder cuff consists of four key muscles which control the movement of upper arms. Shoulder is made up of several joints combined with tendons and muscles allowing a range of motion in the arm. Shoulder impingement is a painful condition that occurs due to the overuse of joint. Because of it the rotator cuff may stop rotating and face stiffness. Patient can confirm an accurate diagnosis by a skilled Orthopaedic Surgeon.

shoulder surgery
shoulder dislocation
shoulder dislocation

MRI is the Only Way for Diagnosis

FACT: An MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) technique does not always shows what we suspect already and sometimes it can be misleading. Today various advanced clinical methods and cheaper diagnostic methods like USG are also used to get detailed images of the organs and tissues. Hence doctor can recommend an MRI if needed.

Only Surgery is the Treatment option to Fix the Tear in the Rotator Cuff

 FACT: This is not true. Various conservative therapies such as Rest, Ice and Anti-inflammatory drugs can improve functioning and reduce pain in patients with rotary cuff injuries or tears. A trial of intra articular steroid injection and physiotherapy with medicines are effective then there is no need for a surgery. Doctors decides the best treatment option as per the severity of an injury.

Shoulder Injuries Are Forever

 FACT: This is a very common and unfortunate myth among people which can affect the confidence of patient. Shoulder injuries are not permanent and can be easily cured or controlled by an advanced treatments. First of all, an Orthopaedic doctor do a detailed diagnosis which can help to pinpoint the cause of your shoulder pain. This is the first step in creating a treatment plan that brings both reliefs from pain and a way to address the root cause. Today, complex should surgeries are performed effectively by arthroscopic technique.

Exercise Can Make Shoulder Pain Worse

FACT: If anyone is suffering from shoulder pain then he/she should strictly avoid strenuous exercises. Vigorous exercise can aggravate pain and cause complications. Therefore, consulting trained and qualified professional trainer is essential. Patient should not do exercises on his/her own without consulting doctor.

Heat Is Better for Shoulder Pain than Ice

 FACT: This is also a very common myth. Many people think that heat will loosen up a painful shoulder joint while ice freezes up and could makes shoulder joint more stiffer or painful. In fact, both ice and heat treatment can be an effective modalities to help bring relief from pain and inflammation. Many people can get benefit from using ice packs on their painful shoulders at night to help reduce the inflammation of the day and using heat in the morning to help relax stiff muscles. If ice and heat failed to reduce shoulder pain and inflammation then patient should consult an expert orthopaedic doctor in Thane.