Shoulder Pain is one of the most common type of pain in society and it is not only restricted to older people. Many youngsters are also suffering from shoulder pain due to injury caused by sports or accident. Timely diagnosis and advanced treatment is very helpful to avoid complications. There are many myths about shoulder pain which can deter people from seeking effective treatment hence it is necessary to understand the facts about shoulder pain.

The Most Common Risk Factors Behind ACL Injuries Are:


  • Sports that involve sudden stops or changes in direction
  • Jumping and landing causing stretching tissue inside the knee
  • A sudden stop or twist in the knee joint
  • Flat landing on the knee
  • Direct blow/hit on the knee
  • Any other action causing extreme knee stretch
  • Females are more susceptible to ACL injuries than men
  • Using poor quality sports gear like shoes, knee pads etc

The most common symptom of an ACL injury includes a pop sound at the time of injury followed by intense pain.

The Other Common Symptoms Include:

  • Inability to walk
  • Swelling around the knee area
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Inability to bear weight
  • Locking of the knee

Diagnosis of the ACL injury starts with the physical examination. The doctors might touch, twist and press the injury spot to understand the location and extent of injury. Other diagnosis includes:


  • X-RAYs are required to find out the factures in bone
  • MRI Scan are required to find out the extent of tissue damage
  • Ultrasound could also be used to get the image of internal structure of the knee muscles, tissues etc.

The treatments available for ACL Injury could be surgical or non surgical. The treatment depends upon the severity of the injury and other factors like age and previous injury history.

The non surgical treatments for ACL injury include:

  • Braces – provides support
  • Resting – Allows healing
  • Ice – Relieves pain and burning
  • Compression – helps manage swelling using bandage
  • Elevation – Help reduce swelling
  • The surgical treatment for ACL injury is done by ACL Reconstruction. In ACL reconstruction, the ligament is built/replaced using a donor tissue. This donor tissue could be taken either from other knee or from other person.

The best way to deal with ACL injuries is to prevent it first. There are various methods that people with high risk could consider and prevent themselves from getting hurt. Some of the most common methods of prevention are targeted knee strengthening exercises which build strength in knees. Regular activities like stretching and warm-up before activity or sports loosen muscles for better stretch and prepare muscles for activity. Also, using proper gear like right shoes, band etc aids correct knee movements like jumping and landing postures.

It is also important to rest the knee to prevent exhaustion. Sports professionals are advised to work under guidance and training as prior knowledge and practice under experts about the jumps, postures and techniques helps in avoiding injuries.

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